Sermon Series – The Epistle of James

  1. James 01 1:1-4 ‘Joy, in trials?’
  2. James 02 1:5-8 ‘Lacking in Wisdom?’
  3. James 03 1:9-12 ‘The Rich and the Poor’
  4. James 04 1:13-18 ‘Dealing with Temptation 1′
  5. James 05 1:13-18 ‘Dealing with Temptation 2′
  6. James 06 1:16-17 ‘Where is God when I’m tempted?’
  7. James 07 1:18 ‘The New Birth’

Spring Conference 2012 – Pastor Jim Domm (Englewood Baptist Church, New Jersey)

01 The Kingship of Believers – Introduction

02 The Fact of the Kingship of Believers

03 The Nature of the Kingship of Believers

04 The Renewal of the Kingship of Believers

05 The Present Implications of the Kingship of Believers Part 1

06 The Present Implications of the Kingship of Believers Part 2

07 The Present Implications of the Kingship of Believers Part 3

Worship – Pastor Paul Wallace  (June 2010 -  )

01 Foundational Doctrines for A Biblical Theology of Worship.mp3

02 The Primary and Associated Functions of Public Worship.mp3

03 Reverence and Godly Fear  in Approach to and Participation in Public Worship.mp3

04 Confidence, Consecration and Public Worship.mp3

05 Corporate Worship and Mutual Responsibility.mp3

06 The Holy day of Worship.mp3

07 The Regulative Principle of Worship.mp3

08 The Regulative Principle Stated and Proved.mp3

09 Current Objections to the Regulative Principle.mp3

10 What are the Positively Warranted Elements of New Covenant Worship

11 Reading the Word of God in Public Worship

12 Preaching the Word of God in Public Worship

13 Singing Praise in Public Worship 1

14  Singing Praise in Public Worship 2 – Content

15 Singing Praise in Public Worship 3 – Instrumentation

16 The Sacraments in Public Worship

17 Prayer and Public Worship

18 Tithes and Offering and Public Worship

19 Conclusion of Worship Series

Men’s Conference 2010
Three sermons by Pastor Jeff Smith (Emmanuel Baptist Church Coconut Creek, Florida) on the subject “Barnabas – An Unsung Hero of the Church”. These were excellent, challenging and encouraging messages.

01    Barnabas – A Man Full of the Holy Spirit NOTE: This recording was NOT made at the Conference as our recording was unusable. The content of this sermon is substantially the same, though given in a different context.

 02    Barnabas – Character Traits of a Spirit- Filled Man

 03    Barnabas’ Most Prominent Gift – Encouragement

ALSO AVAILABLE…Two sermons on the Wedding at Cana, preached on the Lord’s Day of the same weekend.

01    The Wedding at Cana 1 (Morning Worship)

 02     The Wedding at Cana 2 (Evening Worship)

Earthly Living with Eternal Perspectives – Pastor Paul Wallace

3 sermons that challenge and correct our modern, materialistic mindset of living for our own pleasure.

 Sermon 1 Philippians 3 v12.mp3

 Sermon 2 Philippians 3 v1-11.mp3

 Sermon 3 Philippians 4v4-9.mp3

Ladies Conference 2009 Audio – May 2009

With Pastor Jeffery Smith, Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, Easley, South Carolina, USA.

“Light after Darkness – Lessons from Sorrowful Saints”

 01 When Sorrow Goes too Far.mp3

 02  When Providence Is Perplexing.mp3

03 03 The Happy Ending.mp3


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