The Lord’s Supper and Children

No I don’t believe children should take the Lord’s Supper but I do believe it is important for our children to be present. Here are some words from John Brown (of Haddington) on the subject.

“About the eighth year of my age, I happened in the crowd to get into the church on the Sacrament Sabbath, when it was common for all but intended communicants to be excluded. The table or tables which I heard served, before I was put out, were chiefly served upon Christ, and in a sweet and delightful manner. This captivated my young affections, and has made me since think that little one should never be excluded from the church on such occasions. Though what they heard may not convert them, it may be of use to begin the allurement of their heart.” (quoted in Robert Mackenzie biography of Brown and from an autobiographical fragment).


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